Many people search for great music overseas. Not having the faith in our local South African artists and then becoming fans of over commercialised music which they don’t truly enjoy.
It’s pointless searching for great music overseas. There are millions of amazing acts, don’t get me wrong, but why support them when you have local acts that are equally amazing, maybe even more so right here under your nose?
Tailor is one of those acts. With her raspy voice and perfectly-tuned notes she is the Janis Joplin of South Africa. Suddenly entering our music scene unannounced she has proven that great quality music will always be the preferred. When first heard, you don’t quite know whether you fancy her deep and emotional lyrics, but when you hit ‘replay’ you immediately fall in love. Her CD will be on replay in your car for weeks if not months on end. Her live performances will leave you teary-eyed and touched but most importantly her lyrics will speak to you and comfort you in times of need.
‘Wolf’, the song that made many South Africans open their hearts to her, is not your usual music video. It’s setup in a forest with her singing in a bathtub a lot and wearing a wolf mask while running from something – it’s different and alternative which shows us why it was nominated for an MK Award for Best Video.
Whether it’s indie you’re a fan of or whether you’re always on the lookout for unusual artists, Tailor should be on the top of your list for acts to look out for. (Suné Halderman)

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