When news hit the street that Tailor would be performing at the MK Sage with Innibos this year, I did my geeky happy dance. I mean Tailor, in my hometown, my Innibos 2013 experience was set out to be amazing! Wednesday night arrived and the whole day was filled with getting word around to be at the MK stage at 20:00 sharp. An act that should not be missed will be on.

With a surprisingly large crowd for such a new up and coming act, Tailor’s voice rang through the air and everyone’s attention was immediately on her. Awestruck faces where planted on the stage and every note she sang was soaked up by fans made there and then. With every note perfectly on key, ever guitar strum played with such enthusiasm and all the sounds meeting each other in perfect harmony to create what might be South Africa’s finest duo. With ‘Shaped like a gun’, the fans who were watching her for the first time didn’t know what to expect when she put down the drumsticks and tambourine and sat down on one of the speakers facing the crowd. And then they heard it. A song so filled with emotion that one could not listen to it with feeling the pain and misery her voice rang with. Ladies becoming teary-eyed and men hardly blinking, Tailor shared the audience with her most raw and beautiful song.

Keep an eye out on local festival line-ups, as Tailor will be making major waves with events to come!

Also keep an eye out on Blue Moon Nelspruit’s Facebook page, as there will be an event in months to come featuring this amazing and pure act. (Suné Halderman)Image

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