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Who is Jeremy Loops?

By Marley van Wetten

Most people have been to Cape Town but not everyone has been to Kommetjie (Afrikaans for “small basin,”), a small suburb of Cape Town. It’s smaller than White River to give the Lowvelder an idea but it’s an excellent place for surfers. Out of Kommetjie came a young man, a musician never the less that started making music when he was working on yacht. With a guitar and a loop pedal he started to record some jams, making notes and in general just made music.

He never intended to be a musician and his first gig was at Assembly (Cape Town) for a Greenpop celebration part but one thing was for certain, his tunes are catchy. Soon Jeremy Loops (not his real surname) became a little more well known, busking in and around Cape Town or while bringing his actual day time job of Greenpop (a tree planting project for Zambia and a few other places) to its feet with 2 friends. Now a few years down the line and a handful of festivals later Jeremy is quickly growing into a house hold name.

 Jeremy Loops - Facebook 1

Anyone who listens to 5FM in recent weeks might have heard this happy song called Power or maybe you don’t and need me to explain it to you. Now Jeremy music will make your feet move, doesn’t matter if you know him or not. The next thing you know it will get stuck in your head, his tunes of course. First time I saw him was at Up The Creek  (a music festival in Swellendam, Western Cape), the crowd was small and I didn’t know his music from a bar of soap but there he was. And it bit me, the “Loops Fever bug” – what a fantastic thing it was. Of course 3 years later, 2 EP’s, about ± 7 festivals and three international tours later mister Loops songs are making waves.

JL at Park Life 2012

I wouldn’t label his music as hippy, I would label it as happy, foot stomping, good anywhere music. It reminds me of sunshine after a week of rain of swimming in the Breede River with a Titanic in hand and Jeremy’s laugh. One which he shares on stage with Motheo Moleko (the cool cat rapper) and Jamie  Faull (a real Swingsetter) on saxophone. “Power” is not his first song Mission to the sun (Howling)”  was the first I would say was a YouTube hit. It played on MK and Jeremy was voted the Best Solo artist at the MK Awards this year and that is purely public voting. And Jeremy he makes music with a baby’s toy, guitar, banjo, harmonica, his own beat boxing, his feet, his hands and at his shows he loves using the crowd to help make some noise. Oh yes and did I mention this all goes onto a loop pedal machine ?That is like one whole band in one device without band politics.


Jeremy will be making his first trip ever to Nelspruit (aka Nelsparta) on the 1st of September 2013. You can’t afford to miss this guy, you really would miss out. Make a mission to the Blue Moon for some Spring sunshine, come see how beautiful the valley and the mountains are during daytime hours.

“Cause you so cool how you gonna be in my shoes? You so cool”

Jeremy’s Facebook page

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