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If a band changes their name and tweaks their sound, is it a given that they will lose some of their following?

Why do you do this to me everytiiiime?”- We all know this song as local band ISO’s Everytime
, but did you know the band before they were known as ISO and before their once very indie sound was changed to a more electronic and ‘Skrillex’-like sound?


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ISO is a new face to former ISOCHRONOUS  with a fan base of hard-core indie lovers and with the hit favourites ‘Tempest’ and ‘Beauty Queen’, ISOCHRONOUS included some of the most talented musicians South Africa has to offer.


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In order to keep up with the new electronic music trends, ISO have provided us with a unique South African act. Without leaving their smaller fan base behind they have now ensured mass market appeal and broadened their fan base by going in an electronic direction. If you are a diehard-indie fan then the older ISOCHRONOUS songs are perfect for you and if you prefer the current trends in electronic music then the new ISO hits will appeal to you.dsd_6706

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ISO is now a band that brings two people from totally different worlds together and makes their hearts swell with love and pride for South African music. I believe that this change was for the better.


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Look out for their new album ‘Piece by Piece’ and keep an eye open on Blue Moon Nelspruit’s facebook page for the dates of when ISO will be playing in Nelspruit again.

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Tag/Like Competition with Royal Lens Photography

Tag/Like Competition with Royal Lens Photography

The tag yourself in a photo/like Royal lens photography 2013 winners are: Ayesha Akoojee and Samantha Hugo! Congratulations each of you win a ticket that is valid for any of our upcoming 2013 events!