The Black Cat Bones Flashback 1


Oh, the bluest of moon
Its you birthday soon…
We wish you the best
From the Bones and the rest

We play on your stage
We drink at your bar
Better with age
That’s what you are

You’ve given us song
and hangovers too
Its where we belong
At the Moon, so blue

‘The Black Cat Bones’

Spring Playlist


Spring: the season where colours seem more vivid, butterflies fill the air, flowers blossom, the bird’s mesmerizing chirps floods your ears, the sun creeps out from underneath the winter blanket and we roll out the red carpet to invite the sun’s rays to light the sky. As the season slowly changes, there is a mood upswing, frowns get turned upside down and there are just good vibes all around. If you are struggling to fight off the winter gloom, we have prepared a spring playlist which consists of upbeat melodies and bright rhythms from South African artists. It will move you into the spring vibe where even the darkest additions have a spring swing.

Desmond and  the Tutus – Car Guard Tan


“Rich boys and the poor girls in their wrong showing off their car guard tan” This song has been stuck in our heads since the beginning of the year. A song about a boy and girls’ troubles. It has the power to uplift a bad day into the best day.

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Freshly Ground – Take me to the dance


With every artistic music which interprets a true South African “kuier” this tune tells us about respecting a woman and what she stands for.

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Mango Groove – Special Star


“Special Star” a classic soulful song, with a familiar tune which has the power to take you on a trip to memory lane. Crank up the volume while this tune is playing in the background and just reflect on the past, present and the future and be transported to a time where only the goodness of the world can be recalled.

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Jeremy Loops – Power

Jeremy Loops

The first artist one thinks of when you say “Spring” is Jeremy the man. This song is a strong reminder that no matter what is happening in your life right now,  you are strong enough to push through.

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The Black Cat Bones – Mojo


Although the Black Cat Bones aren’t new to the music scene, their music hasn’t faded out with time and is still sizzling in each and every true rock fan’s heart. “Mojo” is the type of song that makes you rock out while still being completely relaxed. “Mojo” is a song that will empower you with courage and give you just that little bit of vooma you needed to achieve the best version of yourself in spring.

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KONGOS – Come With Me Now


When the KONGOS moved to the USA, the fear of a huge downfall in the South African music scene crept into each South African heart, but the KONGOS have managed to keep their proudly South Africa flair to their music while incorporating their American influences. Come with me now is the perfect blend of South African and American sound, that will give you a new appreciation for rock music.

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Mi Casa – JIKA


“Jika” being the first single from Mi Casa’s second album “Su Casa”, it should come standard with a pair of dancing shoes. The moment when J Something’s incredible voice starts singing the chorus, all South African’s young and old alike bust out in their Proudly South African customized dance moves. So get out your dusty dancing shoes that you have hidden in the back of your closet and give them a quick spring clean, you are guaranteed to use them while listening to this song.

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Crazy White Boy – What You Do To Me


As the sun goes down, the music gets a bit louder and the dance moves get a bit wilder. You need that perfect song that will help you with the transition from relaxing time in the sun to complete dance party vibes under the stars and “What you do to me” is the perfect song that will get your spring party started.

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ISO – Heaven


.Although the music video have some gruesome scenes in, that didn’t stop us from picking ISO’s Heaven as one of the songs to help you give a warm fare well to winter.  The hypnotizing lyrics and slow beats of Heaven is perfect to help you reflect on your upcoming spring goals.

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Al Bairre – We Move On


“You change your mind, but change is fine” with Al Bairre’s We Move On’s well written good quality lyrics and catchy beats you will be eased into your spring mood.

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Tailor – Indian


With an enchanted voice Tailor is guaranteed to transport you to a magic place in your imagination. Indian is well written and has the power to make you want to reflect and dance to the song at the same time.  “I wanna be an Indian, I wanna fall in love again, I wanna be what this world wants from me”

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Shotgun Tori – Sweet Weather


Shotgun Tori has an angelic voice with the ability to leave you in tranquillity and Sweet Weather is no exception. With captivating lyrics and beautiful acoustic sound. Say good bye to all your worries and feel in a complete state of bliss after listening to this song.

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December Streets – Thief


The December Streets are fairly new to the music scene, but that doesn’t mean they take the title as new comers lightly. The December Streets has every music lover on their toes wondering what to expect next. The boys from Pretoria with their feel good beats and catchy lyrics are the perfect way to kick start your spring and make you move along to the  rhythms  as you soak up the sun.

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Matthew Gold ft AKA – No Ordinary Guy


Matthew Gold is one of South Africa’s artist to watch out for. No matter who you are the debonair Matthew Gold with his beautiful voice accompanied by AKA in “No Ordinary Guy” will leave you in a state of reflectance and side effects may even be a complete feeling of rejuvenation.

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Pascal & Pearce ft Locnville – Desperado


Pascal and Pearce is the perfect music that will get everyone to forget about their worries and just show off their moves on the dance floor. Pascal and Pearce are a treat on their own, but featuring LCNVL they are an unstoppable force of good music and great vibes. Desperado has a soft spot in Blue Moon’s heart since the first time LCNVL and Pascal & Pearce performed it was at a Blue Moon concert.

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Bittereinder – DinkDansMasjien


The clock struck midnight, its pitch black outside and the party is still going strong. Say goodbye to chilly nights and add a great Afrikaans song that will keep the party moving along. The Bittereinder trio has a unique Afrikaans sound that took South Africa by storm and now everyone is hooked. Get your fists in the air because Bittereinder will get you fist bumping and singing along to the fast upbeat lyrics, as you welcome spring.

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Blue Moon does not take credit for any of the above photos and videos.